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Government jobs in Jharkhand:

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Jarkhand is one of the states in India, capital for this state Ranchi, and it is a largest city Jamshedpur 24 districts are there, area rank is 16 official languages are Hindi and Urdu. Literacy rate is 67.63%, population rank 14 in education process Males: 78.45%, Females: 56.21%.


Governor of this state is Draupadi. Murmu.

Chief Minister Raghubar Das.

Legislature unicameral 81 seats

Parliamentary constituency 14

Total area 79, 714 km2 (30,778 sq mt)

Total population in Jharkhand is 32,988,134

Density 414/km2 (1,070/ sq mt)

Speaker of the assembly is Dinesh Oraon

The opposition leader is Hemant Soren, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha.

The Vidhan Sabha comprises 81 members of legislative assembly (81 are directly elected, 1 is nominated)

The government of Jharkhand consists of 11 cabinet ministers

6 Rajya Sabha seats are there

In Jharkhand, 199 vacancies are there in government jobs

14 seats in Lok Sabha.